Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Counting is over--We're Open

After much hard work, and way too many hours to count...that part is over. Please join us in celebrating the Grand Opening of Flourishes,LLC.

We think our website is beautiful, and hope that you will think so as well. We are certainly thrilled with the work of Marcy Hawley and the support of her hubby, Patrick. They made our dream come alive with the heart and soul of Flourishes, in each and every detail.

Our Charter Design Team has been outstanding in their support and creative interpertations. To each of them we offer huge "Rubber Hugs of Gratitude". Be sure to check out our Gallery pages and get ready to feast your eyes on creativity and beauty. Thanks to each of you, Sharon Johnson, Nancy Grant, Tracy Durcan, Leslie Miller, Alex Eaton, Paula Bloom, & Julia Stainton.

Please, without further adieu, visit our website, and pass it on, please! We're Open! Come grow with us!

Jan Marie, Nancy & Sharon


Anonymous said...

Can't find shipping prices or any information about shipping is it free after a 40$$$ purchase like Papertreyink?????

Julia Stainton said...

Wohoo! Looks fabulous! I'm so excited for your grand opening!!! I'm sure it will be a huge success!

Paula said...

The site is wonderful! Continued success!

Anonymous said...

when referring to your design team you made an error in a first name. it is tracy durcan not nancy

Lila H said...

Great site and AWESOME choice for design team - great job ladies, lila

NancyK said...

Regarding the shipping information - Flourishes offers free shipping for orders over $75.