Saturday, September 1, 2007

Clear Stamps

What is a photopolymer?
It is a polymer that cures or hardens when exposed to light. The word polymer means "many parts". Photopolymer provides a durable longer lasting clear stamp die.

Our stamps at Flourishes come from a leading manufacture in photopolymer. Clear stamps provide a high quality product that is deeply etched and is resistant to yellowing due to exposure to UV rays.

Facts to know about all clear stamps

You can use clear stamps straight out of the package. You may want to condition them first as brand new stamps want to repel ink. Use a standard pink eraser to "scuff" the surface. It will help to hold ink and get a better image.

This is for all brands of clear stamps.
Although Clear Stamp Inc. have a high resistance to yellowing from UV exposure it would be safest to store them in a light-free container such as card board shoe box. Even indoor light can harden some clear stamps.
Acetone, bleach, or oil-based products can make your stamps, gooey, discolor or harden.

Once you ink a clear stamp they will never be as clear as they were in the package.
Baby wipes without lanolin are a great method of cleaning. You can also use mild soap and water.
Solvent-based inks aren't the best choice for polymer stamps, the cleaners are pretty hard on the stamp. StazOn cleaner may actually damage some clear stamps. We are checking with our manufacturer to see if we fall in that category.
Be assured Flourishes will be stocking a cleaner that is gentle enough for use with polymer stamps.

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