Monday, October 8, 2007

OUR Cafeteria Plan

It has been said around work that we believe Flourishes has one of the best cafeterias in the business. We even had our own chief "Manual Labour" sometimes known as Mike, (But not often).
This day "Manual" prepared us for us, what else, a chief salad. Served with style, complete with costume, I mean uniform.
He keeps us supplied with chocolate, makes post office, Kinkos, bank runs and any errand we might need done.
He is there everyday and sees to our every need. As much as we appreciate and have come to depend on him we try not to keep him at our beck and call all day. But with winter coming (soon I hope) I can't wait for the hot Bengial tea.
Thank you Mike for pampering us every day.


diane mcvey said...

Wow, sounds like you all are some lucky ladies! Could you clone him and send him my way??!!! :)

NancyK said...

Mike - you are the best!! Thank you for everything you do - we could not get along without you!

Paula said...

You gals are so lucky to have Mike! Give him a big HI from me in Texas!

Cindy said...

Love those legs, Mikey. You are one of the most wonderful men I know!