Saturday, April 19, 2008

Check out these wonderful products!

Flourishes has added two more "tools of the trade" to the store.

First is this great waterbrush from Yasutomo. Once you've used this brush you will never go back to a normal paintbrush for watercoloring. It's a combination nylon brush and water container handle. The water container handle holds 7ml of water. It can be used for watercoloring, rubber stamping, silk painting, bleaching, and face painting. It is also very handy for sealing envelopes or stamps. Just fill the handle and you are ready to go!

Next is this wonderful Quickie Glue Pen. Putting glue on paper is as easy as signing your name. Experience the writing ease of a pen with precision glue placement. Quickie Glue™lays down a smooth line and keeps glue from spreading or globing-up. Glue is placed precisely where it is needed to be to hold the teeniest, tiniest enhancement. Decorate scrapbook & journal pages, cards, stationery, and collages! Excellent for hand made quill projects. Can’t decide where to place an item? Temporarily place and move items around. To create a permanent bond, allow a few minutes for drying time before securing the items together.
What you can do with Quickie Glue - • Make straight, curvy or dotted lines • Draw flower, paisley or scallop patterns• Polka-dots, hearts, and zigzags. Then you can sprinkle with glitter, confetti or apply gold, silver or copper foils!
Quickie Glue™ features:• Easy to find cap – different looking from pen caps• Spring activated nib allows longer cap-off time• Not necessary to shake or squeeze• Blue glue color indicates bond is permanent and white glue color indicates a temporary or moveable bond.

Both of these products can be found on the Flourishes store under "Card Making Essentials".

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mimihas5 said...

I have both of these tools abd both are awesome!