Sunday, May 11, 2008

Twinkling H2Os and Much More

Shine, Glitz, glamor, and sparkle that seems to drive our world. Not usually my style but I do like a little shimmer and sparkle in my life. Now I am carrying it over into my card creations.

Did you know you could turn any paper into a "metallic"? With twinkling H2O's and a little water I put a little color wash around the edge of my green and lilac paper. The shade of H2O should be close to the paper color but does not have to match.

Now that Flourishesllc started carrying 12 pack mini pots a wide range of shimmering color is available.

All you do is take an aqua brush, (the water is right in the handle, no mess) pick up a little color directly from the pot and paint the area you want to add twinkle to any image.

The Twinkling H2O's come in 5 gram mini pots, twelve to a package with a variety of colors.

The Primary Elements Polished Pigments are brilliant ground pigments mixed with Micas. They are created with pure color no fillers, and added mica for sparkle.

PEPP's are mixed 1 scoop of powder to 2 drops of #2 Simple Solutions. Mix to the consistency you like (adding a drop or two more of solution will make the color more sheer. Purchase in 4pks.

Polished pigment gives you a coloring range from semi-translucent to translucent depending on how much color and solution you use.

You can mix PEPP with @pearl Ex or powdered pearls to add even more shimmer. Mix colors to your hearts content it is limited only by your imagination. You are able to mix PP's with Gum Arabic, and Not simple solution, for a different look. Use 1 part gum Arabic to 3 parts color mix in a little water.

The concentrated color will stain you hands and carpet. Ivory soap will work on your hands.

Pure Mica metallic have more sparkle and are avalible in 21 gram jars.

All Luminarte is made in the USA.

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