Thursday, July 24, 2008

O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things to do during Christmas time is to put up and decorate our Christmas Tree. Orvil and I make it a point to purchase a Christmas ornament whenever we travel someplace special, so when I start hanging ornaments on the tree they bring back wonderful memories of the places we’ve visited. What this also means is that it takes forever to decorate my tree because I’m constantly stopping and saying, “honey, remember when we were at “x” and how much fun we had” and we recall the memories of that place. I guess you could say my tree is just one large scrapbook of memories!!

The O Christmas Tree set from Flourishes give you so many options to decorate the tree – or you can just go simple and leave the tree undecorated – either way it looks great!
This set is currently on sa
le for 15% off during our “Christmas in July” special – going on through July 31.

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sparklystamper said...

Now that I've seen this set in action, I think I've made up my mind which to buy (for right now LOL)

When my sisters & I were little, my mom started buying each of us special ornaments, and she continues the tradition by purchasing special ornaments for each grandchild. And each year, my sister, cousin, and I find a special ornament to make, and we give one to each 'family unit' at our annual holiday get-together. We each have beautiful Christmas trees with many of these same ornaments but also with ornaments reflecting each family's interests and special memories. Even our friends try to find the new ornaments on our tree each year!
Susan :-)