Friday, August 1, 2008


Flourishes has been a small and growing company for the last year and recently we welcomed Sharon Johnson in a new role as part owner of Flourishes. Sharon had been with us from the start as a design team member. When she came to us looking to be part of something bigger we felt comfortable bringing her on in an ownership capacity.

After a few months Sharon found that the time we have all been working to promote Flourishes was more hours than she could handle and still be committed to family, home and community. As a business owned by women, we understand the challenges women face balancing home and family with work obligations. We are saddened to say that Sharon has relinquished her ownership in Flourishes and we respect her decision to turn her focus back to her family. The three of us know only too well the time commitment needed to run a successful business and we wish Sharon all the best.

Flourishes will continue to be dedicated to bringing stamps, accessories and new products to papercrafters and we will continue our focus on the timeless and classic style that has served us well. We appreciate and thank all of you for your continued support.

Sharon D, Nancy, Jan Marie


Joan B said...

Wishing all of you the best! Juggling, prioritizing, compromising, all difficult!

Velta said...

I know you are somewhat saddened by Sharon's decision because she is such an artist, but you three women are gracious and understanding ! Thank goodness Sharon will continue with her postings and her wonderful work! Flourishes is one of my very favorites and always will be !
{{{{HUGS}}} !!!

lois b said...

Sharon's post yesterday surprised me, but I guess sometimes we all make decisions that don't work out for one reason or another. I'm sure Flourishes will continue to flourish with you three wonderful ladies. I love your stamps and your style!

Michelle (sf9erfan) said...

Hi ladies, I guess the only thing we can count on is change. How very sad for Flourishes and for Sharon. But, I know she will still be in the forums and making cards with your lovely stamps!

Sharon was an amazing addition to your team, but your team was rock solid before and still is! I wish everyone the best of luck and continue to look forward to your wonderful releases and playing in the forum. Stamping hugs, michelle

Latisha said...

Shocking surprise, but things will all work out! This isn't going to change how much everyone loves your product and that is what matters the most. Flourishes rocks!