Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Thanks And a Chance to Win Blog Candy!!


From the three flourishes, and Mike too, Happy Thanksgiving! You all have given us so much to be thankful for each day. Flourishes has grown so much, thank you for your wonderful support of Flourishes.

I read this recently and wanted to share these thoughts with you. They were written By Brooke Hewes and too good to paraphrase.

"Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A full day dedicated to gratitude — someone had their thinking cap on when they declared this emotion worthy of its own day! Twenty-four sweet hours to celebrate family, friends, and food. Twenty-four hours to feel grateful for the blessings as well as the hardships that shape our lives and build our spirits. Twenty-four hours to notice how gratitude affects our bodies, minds, and relationships. fig-pom-give-thanks-brown-1a

Defining Gratitude

Gratitude is about feeling grateful. It is about thankfulness and appreciation.

Ask yourself “what have I received today?” Take note of all gifts, small or big, and pay particular attention to those things that you did not acknowledge as they occurred.

Second, ask “what have I given today?” Reflect on your day. Reflect on your actions. Reflect on the benefits of your generosity and courteousness to others."

Each night I spend some time and recount my day and what I have to be thankful for today. You would be surprised that I find the littlest things that happen in my day often end up on my list. It wasn't that way when I first started this practice, I assure you. I read today that Leslie Miller kept a written journal for a while. She too found it was the little things that ended up on her list. It is a practice I invite you to try.

I am so happy that you have taken time to visit my blog today. As I say so often I hope that you have gone away with something to add to your life. I know that all of our lives are busy. That you took time to visit here is so special to me.

For my cards today I used the very beautiful Figs & Pomegranates, but this time I used the small images. After stamping them with Palette Inks I watercolored them. I am so happy that Flourishes is now carrying a selection of 14 colors in Palette inks. They work wonderfully with polymer stamps and they are waterproof. These Inks are great for Copics and other mediums. The papers are from Basic Grey and Memory box. All the ribbons are from Flourishes. Viola!

I ask that you keep my Mom in your thoughts and prayers. She was very unexpectedly rushed to the hospital with shortness of breath and chest pains. It was determined that she will need a triple heart by-pass surgery. She is 87 years young and for the most part very healthy and active lady. We affection ally call her the "Energizer Bunny" But the surgery is complicated with the positions of the largest blockage and the fact that she is a very tiny lady. She is very optimistic and looks good. I have spent most of my time with her so my blogging and stamping has been limited but it has been well spent. I am very grateful that I am close and have this time to spend with her.

Now read on….Sharon has a very nice article to share and ALL the details on how to have a chance to win a very nice bundle ofJustRite. Good Luck!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.



Anonymous said...

My prayers are with your mom that she will do well with her surgery and be able to continue a long and happy life. The Lord is with her and he will be by her side always. We will all be keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. Aloha. MarilynY

Etha said...

all the best to your mom!! hope the surgery goes well!

Velta said...

My prayers are with your mom... May God be with you and yours during this surgery and afterwards :)

msfreida said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom. I pray God sees her through this and blesses you with strength. Hugs~

Anonymous said...

My thoughts will be with you and your Mom. She sounds like my Mom she has only just slowed down in the past couple of years she is 84 (I could almost keep up with her now) Ann Lind.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your mother...and the ones who will be caring for her.
Mary Esther

TheLittleFrog said...

All the best to you and your mom!

leenda said...

Your Mom sounds like a jewel at age 87! She & you will be in my thoughts & prayers.