Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You Cards

Hello Friends,

Now that the holiday season is behind us you may be faced with writing a few thank you's. A thank you note expresses your appreciation for gift or act. But what is the best way to convey your thanks and gratitude? And are there some occasions where a thank you note is not necessary? Are all thank you notes formal?

Remember that the important thing is to send a timely thank you - a perfect card is not required but a heartfelt note of thanks is always welcome.

Here are a few tips and a few samples of easy to make thank you cards:

-Wedding thank you's are generally more formal, for other occasions a simpler card will do.-Always reference the gift in the note and try to personalize it - "thank you for the ipod gift card - I've downloaded three of my favorite songs already!"

-E-mail thank you - if the gift giver is a person to whom you regularly communicate with via e-mail and your relationship is casual then an e-mail may be appropriate.

-All gifts should be acknowledged with a note, unless the gift was opened in front of the giver—then you have the chance to thank them in person.

Always send notes in the following situations:

-Wedding gifts, bridal and baby showers
-For sympathy letters, flowers, or mass cards.
-To the hostess after a party that was hosted in your honor.
-For gifts that were received by mail.
-After being entertained by your boss.
-Gifts received during a hospital stay.
-After being a house guest for one or more nights (unless it's a close relative or friend)

Thank you notes are not required in the following situations - but it is a nice touch
-After being a guest at a dinner party.
-After a job interview
-When a friend has helped you out with a special favor

(Sources: Emily Post and About Entertaining)

Thank you notes and cards do not have to be elaborate - remember it is the thought that counts! Here are some examples:

Need a Thank you for a Christmas gift? Then use a christmas stamp! This simple design is quick and easy and uses up some of those small scraps. The ornament is from the All That Glitters and the sentiment from Thank You. Palette inks in Noir and L'Amore Red were used.

Along the same lines, if you received a birthday gift, send a thank you with a birthday theme. The balloons are from the Birthday Celebrations set and the sentiment is from Many Sentiments. Basic Grey Paper and ribbons from Romani, prisma pencils and palette inks in Noir and L'amore Red were also used.

For a more formal look - gold embossed images not only look elegant, they are quick and easy to do. The sentiment is from Thank You, the floral bouquet from Thinking of You and the rose is from I Love Roses.

Use decorative paper for a quick and easy card -I picked up this paper on vacation - its like wrapping paper only a little heavier, but lighter than scrapbook paper. For that matter, you can use wrapping paper - just wrap it around some chipboard like I did here. The sentiment is from the Many Sentiments set.

One of my favorite all occasion stamps is Damask, which I find perfect for thank you cards. You can use this background, or just about any other background image and combine it with embellishments for a quick card. I picked up these little thank you charms in the wedding section of Michael's.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you found this information helpful - have a great day!


Norine said...

they are all really nice thank you cards so Thank you for sharing LOL

Barb(GrandmaUpNorth) said...

Great information - and I love the thank you card examples!!! Thanks for sharing!!

flourishes said...

Very nice and thank you for checking out Emily Post for the correctness of thank yous.

Julie Koerber said...

Nancy... I just picked up some of those charms and have a card made to send to a friend-- I LOVE how your card turned out -- looks so classy! I love them ALL actually!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

That is a great little thank you list. I like all the cards. Everyone can always use thank you cards.

Anonymous said...

Pretty and inspiring Thank You cards!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Nancy, everyone of these is so elegant and beautiful! Fabulous post!