Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nesties, Needle and Thread

I love my Nesties! Who doesn't, right? Today I am sharing a few simple ways to enhance Nestie Die Cuts. Yes, I said needle and thread in the title, which is usually a turn off to me -- but all of these tips are simple and easy. I am showing three different ways to "dress up" your Nesties.

I started my card out by creating a simple background, stamping the Flourishy Outline image from Oranamental Elements set. I colored the flourish in using a R29 Copic and then used a fine tip red pen to fill in the really small lines as needed.

I gold embossed the sentiment from the Holiday Greetings set.
I used Versamark ink and Gold Detail Embossing Powder.

I die cut all my elements to build my card using various Nestie shapes.

When I die cut the Gold Square Scallop, I left it in the Nestie Die.... using the die's edge as a guide to place holes in each scallop. I used my Japanese Screw Punch, but you could easily use a hole punch for this as well.

Using some red fuzzy fiber and a large craft needle, I just threaded the fiber around the square Nestie, going up through the back of each hole. I used a little piece of tape to hold the start and finish of the fiber string to the back of the Square.
On the Oval for the Sentiment. I used the Petite Scallops - there are four die cuts here and they are already adhered together as seen in this picture. I used some gold sparkly embroidery floss for this one - separating two strands to use from the group of floss.

Again, secure the end of your floss on the back of the oval using a piece of tape and just start winding the floss around the oval, using the notch in between each scallop for your floss to "nest" in. Continue until the floss nests between each scallop of the oval.

This picture shows a red scallop square glued to an ivory base. I then used my Japanese Screw Punch, with the 1/16" hole tip, to add little hole punches around the edge.

Using one strand of the gold floss doubled up, I then used my craft needle to stitch around the edges of the Ivory Square. I use a large paper crafting needle to to all of the threading. It is large, with a dull point, easy to handle and most importantly has a large eye to easily thread your fiber or floss through. It is not as tedious as sometimes a small sewing needle can be.

I am starting to pull all my elements together, building the card from the base upwards. I added some pearls to cover up the holes on the Ivory Square to give it a "different" threaded look. I use the tip of my craft knife to pick up and place my adhesive pearls on to the card.

Not having any Ivory pearls in my stash, I used a Copic to color some white pearls..... adding these now "ivory" pearls to the outermost Red Square's edge.

Here is an up close pic of how it all came together. Finishing it off with a tiny silk bow. Final card size is 4.75" Square. Click on any pictures above to enlarge for a better view.
Thanks for letting me share my tips on Nesties and Needles! I hope you picked up something useful from the pictures or my instructions!
--Jenny Gropp--
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Basteltante Ursula said...

Ist super schön geworden mit dem Rot Weiß und Gold!

LG Ursula

Cook22 said...

A very elegant and festive card. I like the tip about leaving the die in place when punching the scallops - I've always just done it by eye, but the die would be a helpful guide - I'll remember this tip. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a tremendous amount of work! Great job with all the sewing and details. MLN

Stampin_melissa said...

What a drop-dead gorgeous card!! Thank you for all the details you showed us.

Sue from Oregon said...

oh my goodness...this is a work or art Jenny!

Marcia said...

Another "novel" card! Soooo much work, but beautiful. I sure do hope the recipient appreciates it!

ChristineCreations said...

Jenny! What a fantastic tutorial. Great ideas for the nesties!...and a gorgeous card!

Lee - grandmalee said...

Another masterpiece! We'll miss you here, but I'll keep up w/you on your blog. You've always add so much more to the Flourishes images that are already outstanding on their own.

Heather T. said...

You are simply amazing!

Our Little Inspirations said...

There are so many fabulous details about this great card.........and I thank you Jenny for each and every one of them!

Shirley said...

Your card is STUNNING! You went to so much work to create such a gorgeous card. Thanks for the tutorial, too. Great idea to use the yarn and thread for decorating the Nesties.
Shirley L.

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Jenny, this is simply amazing! Love the stitching the design all the red! Bravo! Thanks so much for sharing!

Nimue said...

Pure genius! - Nimmy

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, Jenny. I love the variety of different fibers you use when you sew or wrap on your cards and the look it creates. Thanks so much for the great tips and inspiration.

Sue P Stickville, GA

Sandy Hulsart said...

Another great tutorial, Jenny. You are the queen when it comes to embellishments. I can never think of all these lovely finishing touches. Thanks for all the tips.