Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May I Suggest...

Hi everyone! It’s time for Wednesday’s May I Suggest… and this week I have a lot of pretty suggestions up my sleeve. Here’s a sampling of 2 cards made with this weeks suggestions in mind:

Is anyone getting the idea that I am totally IN LOVE with this bleeding heart image from Spring Ephemerals, which is Flourishes newest release. LOL!!! Yes, I AM in love with this beautiful image, especially since my own bleeding heart is just starting to get some blooms on it!!! And the fact that these 2 cards are the same, but different, is by no mistake. I wanted to show you how these solid image stamps in Spring Ephemerals look stamped as a black silhouette and as a white silhouette (the white is embossed) . Both equally as beautiful, just different.

The paper I want you to get a good look at this week is Scarlet’s Letter by Basic Grey — again, in the 6 x 6 pad that I so love to work with — great, manageable size! Both cards are made with papers from Scarlet’s Letter. The prints in this pad are GORGEOUS — rich, luxurious, fairly large-scaled patterns — and they all seem to just be MADE to go with our new Spring Ephemerals stamp set — or maybe it was vice versa — LOL!!! Whatever the case, they are a fabulous pairing!!!!

And of course, with paper, we need ribbons -- LOTS of ribbons!!! I have plenty to show you!!! Also, I'd like to talk about scallops and show you 2 alternative ways to make scallops that are so super quick and simple!!!!

This complete post, along with photos and tips, can be seen on my personal Blog, No Time To Stamp? So head on over there and see what I've got planned to show you!!! Thanks much for checking in!!!

Sharon Johnson


Rose Ann said...

These are so gorgeous, Sharon!! I'm so glad I ordered this set! ;)

Lois Bak said...

The black and white card is very pretty, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Bleeding Hearts stamped in white! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I think that's the first card I intend to CASE from that set.