Thursday, June 26, 2008

May I Suggest...

…some simple and effective storage solutions. We all know the problems that are inherent with this hobby — so much *stuff* — such a big *mess* — well, that’s how it is for me, anyway! And I am making headway in my never-ending quest for organization, one baby step at a time. I’ll share just a bit here today, and I’ll start with stamp storage.

When clear stamps are purchased, they typically come on acetate type sheets in a plastic sleeve. We really do need a better way to store them on a permanent basis. The buyers at Flourishes have found a wonderful solution — Clear Boxes that easily house two small (4 x 6) sets, or one large (8 x 6) set. The boxes measure 4 x 6 and are a full 1/2″ thick. The hinge opens in the middle, they lay flat when opened, giving you two sides for storage. Here’s what they look like:

More on these boxes, including photos, can be seen on the full post of this article on my personal Blog, linked at the end of this article.

Another very effective product I'd like to suggest to you is a wonderful Clear Stamp Cleaner for your clear stamps.

This cleaner does a wonderful job cleaning your clear stamps and makes them feel silky smooth, which is so nice, but this cleaner’s claim to fame in my book is its smell — it has the MOST declicious scent of citrus!!! It makes me WANT to clean my stamps!!!! Gotta love it!!! The pad and cleaner can be seen here.

And I'd also like to suggest using the tag dies available by Spellbinders, and share a few tips and hints as to their use. Here's a pic of some of the tag dies available:
You may read this entire post which includes many more photos and tips on my peronsonal Blog, No Time To Stamp? Hope to see you over there!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in here today!!!

Sharon Johnson

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Jan Hunnicutt said...

I love the boxes! Will they be back in stock at the store soon?