Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Focus ...knot what you think!

Happy Friday! Today's Friday Focus is being shown by me Stacy.

I bet you think its on satin ribbon! Well, surprise! It's not. Its actually on ribbon knots themselves. I have a few different ways I like to tie my ribbon. I have used the same elements on each card to show you how the ribbon can add a different look for each one depending on how its tied.

For the main image, I inked it up and then stamped it on scrap paper. I then colored the flowers that I wanted darker with markers and then huffed on the stamp before I stamped the image. This gives a softer look to the image. The ribbon and pearls are all from Flourishes.

This one is my all fancied up versions, right out the gates. I love big ribbon bows like this on cards. I think it just adds to the flair! Usually these type of cards I send out with a package so the fancy bow doesn't get all smooshed in the envelope.

This knot uses a smaller version of fancy but still adds a special touch to the card to dress it up a little. This is great for smaller pieces of ribbon or even smaller areas on the card front.

I use this type of knot pretty much for any scraps of ribbon I have. I won't throw away any ribbon bits. It's also a great way to cut the ends a little fancier as well. This knot I usaually do to fill a space at the top or bottom of a card. If I can't seem to find something to fill that spot, I put the ribbon there! It gives the space something and it adds a touch of fancy without having to think about it.

I hope you enjoyed my idea on knots for cards. There are so many I am sure I haven't even tried yet. These are just my "go to" knots. If you have a ribbon tip/trick, be sure to leave a comment here. I am sure we'd all love to know your ribbon tying secrets!

FYI: The design team has put together their favorite ribbon tying techniques, so be sure to hop on over to their blogs to check out their fancy creations!

Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Faith Hofrichter
Julie Koerber
Latisha Yoast
Laura Fredrickson
Leslie Miller
Sharon Doolittle

Have a wonderful day!
~ Stacy


Latisha said...

Awesome samples Stacy!!

Bev J. said...

Beautiful cards and knots-love the colors you used. tfs

Connie said...

These are so wonderful, Stacy! Love all the variations on pretty much the same card...fantastic!!

Leslie Miller said...

Stacy, I love your fancied up cards! Hmmmmm...maybe if I used your ribbon tricks my cards would be as pretty as yours? I don't've just got something special. Thanks for all the prett this morning!

Julie Koerber said...

Stacy -- I don't know how you do it girl! I love all of your sets that you make and the little things that you do to keep the flow but make them different. I am going to have to start taking note and try casing them in my own way! Thanks for the gorgeous tutorial!

flourishes said...

What's knot to love about every card....and Stacy said she was not awesome...KNOT!

ChristineCreations said...

Stacy! These are gorgeous! I love your color contrasts between the ribbon and paper classy!

Anita said...

Wow! Great cards and great challenge.

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said...

Beautiful, Stacy!!! Love the colors and all the wonderful bow/knot looks. Great looking cards!!!

Becky said...

being knot challenged and bow handicapped, this is awesome, and the card is beautful

Angel said...

these are awesome stacy!! love all of them! so classy!

Little GTO said...

This whole set is beautiful. May I ask what paper you used? Isn't it amazing how a ribbon can turn a nice card into beautiful?