Monday, January 26, 2009

My Creative License

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I know we all love to see how others put together their work space. My space is located in the Atelier (studio) at Flourishes. It is a very large room and needs to be kept ready for classes. I recently completed a redo in the Atelier and carved out a very private space for myself to work. I have named everything I own for as long as I can remember, cars, rooms in the house, get the drift. Well it was no different when it came to my space...and the name came easily...Creative License...well I do my creative work there....but more than that just about everything there has been re purposed and now serves me well in another capacity. Would you like to peak inside?

Come on and I will show you around.

Here is a look at Creative License from the Atelier.

My space was originally a large closet that the doors were removed, a counter top installed along with a bookcase from another time in our home--it was mounted on the wall. The entire space in only 6 feet deep by 9 feet wide, but feels spacious and everything is a my fingertips. The exterior "walls" are screens that Mike brought home from a tour in Thailand. We separated them making a right and left corner for each side...kind of bird cage. The bird cage works with the wonderful fabric that the roman shade is made from. The cage allow air to circulate.and me to feel as though I have this very private space. Overhead halogens ceiling mounted lights and a small ceiling fan keep the air circulating...yes I do turn it off when the glitter or EP is out...LOL

I just love my is old and comfty, but for this time around it need ed to be dressed up and pretty. My friend, Sharon is a stitcher and did all the work on my chair, the beautiful roman shade that can shut off my space from the entire studio.

Here is my chair now: And a look under the pretty skirt:

Now I am sitting pretty!

To my right is the storage for my stamp sets, small punches, re inkers and the like. I have re purposed literary storage units that were previously housed my papers, but I just felt were too big. These were fitted with photo storage boxes from Michaels--all in white and black. The other items are arranged in clear acrylic picture frames also from Michaels and the are now trays to house re inkers, embossing powders, dauber cases, small punches and look like this:

Up close of the frames turned trays.

Here is my actual work space. The counter top is a regular laminate top. My DH has wired small halogen lights under the bookcase. The wiring also allows for extra plugs for embossing gun which is hung on a cup hook just above my lava lamp. Those wonderful inkpad storage units were built for me by Mr Mike Wiggins a He is the most delightful man to work with and you will see a be more of his woodwork in just a minute.
This is the storage space just to my right on the work space.
Look at the embossing gun just above the lava lamp! My small embellishments are housed in the original container that many of them came it. I have added a magnet strip to the back of each container and the hung a magnetic board I got at WalMart--again at my finger tips. The desk top paper storage units is also from Mike Wiggins at

Just on the side of this and moving toward the
door way of my space is my tall paper storage units-2 mounted together and to the wall. The slots are 1 inch each and hold plenty of paper for me. Next to them are storage units that house projects that I am working on or spare parts.

So this is your first glimpse of my Creative License. Soon I will show some of my other fun and re purposing of items for great use in my work space, but that will have to wait as this post is getting long. So come again another time for MORE of Creative License. I have lots more re- purposed things to share.

Here is a parting shot for today.

Thanks for coming to visit with me today at Creative License. I hope you enjoyed the visit come again soon.

My wish for you is that today be filled with blessings and your mojo overflowing.



Laurie in MN said...

Fantastic craft space. I can imagine your DH hauling the doors through customs.
Everything is organised and inviting. I look forward to your next entry.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Jan Marie, what a wonderful area to work/create in.
I do love that bird material of yours and everything is so organised and neat. Your little bit of private space is tops.

Pat (mspfd) said...

This is one of the most efficient and beautiful work spaces I've seen. Gorgeous!

Norine said...

all I can say is WOW your space is great love that chair too

Anonymous said...

WOW Jan Marie ~ This is just a perfect place to have your Creative License! Love the birds :)

Anonymous said...

your space is awesome. I wish mine looked like that! one day!

Charlene H. said...

What a beautiful work space. I love how organized it is. It's nice to have a place for everything. You are a very lucky lady!

Julie Koerber said...

Ok... I have to find a way to come and play with you! Your space is absolutely awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Kaneohe, Hawaii and Kung Hee Fat Choy (Chinese Happy New Year). Enjoyed viewing your work room. Loved the wallpaper..inspires me to consider dressing up my wall, too. Enjoyed talking to you last month and hope you'll be returning to visit some day. Cheers....MarilynY

Anita said...

Great craft space! TFS! It is great to see how others store their stuff.

Justine said...

HEAVEN???????? Should have seen how big my eyes got. I have Closet Envy. LOL

Sarah C said...

Never again will I think I have an obsession with plain cardstock. You've outdone me by reams. Fantastic work space and brilliant idea for the chair. I'm moving in and taking over LOL

BTW, I saw your blog featured on the CRAFTY STORAGE blog amd just had to come and check you out. xx