Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Found Treasure!

Every now and then you click on some of your favorite blogs only to end up in some foriegn land "oooo-ing" and "ahhh-ing" over someone's art that you never expected to find. Just recently, that happened to me when I stumbled upon a treasure in Norway. The blogger's name is Yvonne and her place in the blogosphere is simply Yvonne's! If you pay her a visit, you'll see, she is a true artist! After I witnessed what she did with Flourishes stamps, I had to ask if we could profile her here! Thankfully, she said "yes!"

This first card Yvonne made with the Lilac set honestly should be framed. Look at all the detail she added in the background as well as the layers of color she added to the lilac itself! Stunning!

Next, I want to show you her take on the poinsettia from our Poinsettia and Boxwood set. Never before has this stamp looked so artsy! I've seen it painted up beautifully. I've seen it in soft shades and even done up in white, but I've never seen it done up quite like this. I love the glittery accents on the petals and the rhinestone swirls Yvonne added to the background behind the poinsettia.

And, here's a second card she did using the same stamp... but in a pretty shade of blue. Just gorgeous! Don't you think? Look at all the dimension that she created with the layers! Oh my! Just beautiful! I hope you've enjoyed Yvonne's creations as much as I did! She is one talented lady!

I hope you're enjoying the season and all it has to offer! Blessings to you!~Julie


Yvonne said...

I am so honored to be featured here! I simply love your stamps.
Wishing everybody a happy christmas and a creative new year!

Karen W said...

All of these are just gorgeous!! What talent she has and creativity. Wonderful choice for the newsletter and please let her know how much inspiration she has given us.

Anonymous said...

These cards aare so beautiful thanks Yvonne for sharing your work with us. Have a Merry Christmas Ann Lind

retiredheather said...

Please let Yvonne know that I agree...she is an artist. The stamps are always great from Flourishes and she does them proud. Wonderful
Happy Holidays

Sewflake said...

I am continually amazed at the talanted ladies and gorgeous creatations that can be found. Yvonne, what an inspiration you are!! There are so very many thinks I love about your card that It would be hard to list them. Just WOW!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all!!

NancyK said...

WOW - these are simply stunning!

Bastelfrosch said...

Your cards are wonderful!!!
I´m so happy, your stamps today are coming, they are soooo wonderful.

Have a merry chritmas!

Carol Southern said...

I also am amazed day by day what others can do with these stamps. These are beauties. I love your style Yvonne. Glad you found them Julie.

Evelyn A said...

Fantastic! I just went shopping for the Poinsettias and Boxwood, but it's not on the website. Out of stock again? When will it be available again?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW. Yvonne is an inspiration to all of us aspiring stamp artists. Thank you for featuring her work. Just beautiful. Merry Christmas to all.

Wendy Gorton

Latisha said...

Wow beautiful work!!

Anonymous said...

So very stunning!!!

Claudia V