Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Grab a cup of cocoa, and let's chat.

Today I got my first ever Christmas e-card. I must say, it's not the same. Even if I printed it out, and hung it with the rest of our Christmas cards, it's just not the same. One reason I love Christmas is that so many people return to handwritten correspondence for this one special holiday. As I'm going through my stack of mail, sorting through the junk and bills, my heart is warmed each time I am gifted with a festive card that wishes me health and happiness this holiday season.

Handmade cards especially bring glad tidings. I cherish those cards because I'm not simply receiving the card, but what it represents: my friend's time and talent and bit of her own heart and holiday joy. I've been so inspired by the many cards you've shared with us. If you haven't started, it's not too late! Get going!

Over the next day or two, begin making a mental list of all the people who have impacted your life for the good. There are many people that I don't necessarily speak with often, but I can't imagine my life without them. My eleventh grade English teacher who inspired me to love reading, my dear neighbors when we were stationed in Germany. Perhaps you've whittled down your list over the last few years. I challenge you to add those dear people back to your list. Once you've made your list, carve out some time from your busy schedule to touch these lives with a bit of your talent!

Each time I take time to count my blessings, I am overwhelmed. The Christmas season is all about love and joy coming into the world. I hope this season you make a conscious effort to love the people in your life.

"We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving."
~Amy Carmichael

p.s. If you liked the cards featured in today's post, they were created by Julie Koerber using the Santa, I Believe set and by Christine Okken using the Drummer Boy set. Both are perfect offerings for this magical and joyous time year!

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