Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter CHA Top Ten Countdown: #2

The Number 2 winners are a couple more people.

CHA offers shuttle service between the local hotels and the convention center. We had the same shuttle driver most of the time we were here. Dixie was full of life, helpful, and kind. During the few minutes we were on the bus with her, she put us at ease, told us about her family, listened to the stories about our lives, joked with us, cared to make sure we were safe. She made waiting for the bus worth its while, for sure.

The shuttle couldn't take us everywhere, so we called a taxi and got the most gregarious young man named Jay. He was so witty and affable. During the ride, I told him I owned Flourishes and a bit about the stamping world. At the end of the ride, he offered us his card and told us he would be honored to escort such VIPs during our stay. He text messaged us to check on us throughout the week, and escorted us back to the airport.

We were truly blessed to have such great transportation service. Somehow we managed to forget to take their pictures--I guess we were having too much fun! Regardless, they must be in our top ten countdown. They have reinspired me to focus on customer service. After all, people are incredibly more important than stamps. If we aren't using stamps to bring joy to people, we've gotten off track somewhere.

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Cook22 said...

I really like how you've used people in a couple of your countdowns, and not just product :D. Glad you had such a good time at CHA.