Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter CHA Top Ten Countdown: #7

Do you ever struggle with ribbon storage? I know I do. My stash of ribbon definitely proves the second law of thermodynamics: Left to themselves, the ribbons are a mess. I've tried several systems trying to organize my ribbons, but I'm not satisfied with them. I finally found a fool-proof system! And that's why this one makes the CHA Top Ten List hitting at #7!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I proudly present my fight against entropy.... The Best Craft Organizer's Ribbon Organizer and Dispenser! There is a small contraption (spooler) that rolls the ribbon quickly, and then you store 5 rolls in a ribbon bin that dispenses it.

Don't you love how each organizer can fit nicely in a drawer? And, you can see each color and pattern clearly. No more digging through buckets or baskets or watching your ribbon get tangled up into knots!

Now I'm inspired to clean up my studio!


Gabriela said...

Jan - I'll be looking for Flourishes to start carrying the Best Craft Organizers' Ribbon Starter Storage kits. Thanks so much for posting the photos.

Julie Koerber said...

These are fabulous!!! I hope Flourishes will carry these!

Connie M. said...

I loved these too!! Bought a few at the super show...plan on spooling my ribbon tonight while watching TV!!!! If you carry them I will sooo buy more of them!!

Christie said...

Oh the nightmare is finally over! Can't wait to get one of those~