Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter CHA Top Ten Countdown: #9

Hi all! CHA is wrapping up but we're continuing our countdown. And today, #9 is all about a little tip I picked up from the Spellbinder's booth!

About 3 months ago, I suddenly couldn't get my Spellbinders's Wizard to work! I couldn't remember how it had worked for me so long. I love Spellbinders but, at that moment, I was hating my Wizard. I'd have my knee up on the table holding down the base, my two hands struggling to push the boards through. More than half the time it yanked, I listened to the cursing coming from my mouth!

When I stopped by the Spellbinders booth, I casually mentioned I was having a bit of trouble feeding my wizard, and the dear ladies showed me two tricks
1. Make sure the handle is laying toward you

2. After putting your boards in, give the metal dowel a little roll with your hand before you start cranking that baby through.

Just that simple! I can't tell you what a difference those two little actions made when using my Wizard. No more cursing my Wizard! I can't wait to get home and create beautiful cards with their new products! (You'll be able to do the same after our fun order here at CHA!) Thanks, Spellbinders!

p.s. More to come later!!

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Elaine A said...

Hi Jan Marie -

I've had my Wizard for years and I love it. But in the last couple of months I've had lots of problems getting things to go through it. I tried the tricks that you mentioned and still had issues. Turns out that I'm starting to develop arthritis in my hands and fingers and that was giving me problems. I purchased a Cuttlebug about a month ago and now use my Spellbinder Dies in the Cuttlebug. I still have my Wizard, but now use it when I want to flatten bottle caps or set lots of eyelets. I'm afraid to try that in the Cuttlebug. I still love my Wizard, but saddly it doesn't like me as much anymore - LOL!

Thanks for all your CHA updates, I've enjoyed them.

Elaine Allen